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How Better Health Advisors Vets Doctors

Learn how we match patients with the best healthcare providers.

When people go to a hospital, they expect to have highly trained, experienced providers—including doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants—handling their care. That's what hospitals want, too, so dozens of staff members work to vet each provider's background with the help of outside agencies.

They verify the doctor's training, education, and licensure; assess competencies; check for malpractice cases; conduct peer reviews; talk with former supervisors; and even consider the doctor's character. They check state and national services, licensing boards, and databases. This process takes three to six months.

When you go to a hospital, you can trust that the doctors have been vetted—but what about the providers you see outside of the hospital setting? An expert health advisor can provide valuable assistance with vetting providers, and making sure your doctors are the best doctors FOR YOU. 

At Better Health Advisors, we follow a similar process to health systems and often go even further. Here’s how it works:

BHA Protocol for Selecting Providers

Identifying the best healthcare providers to meet a client’s needs involves in-depth knowledge of both the provider and the client. We carefully vet each provider and program so that we can offer our clients multiple options and help them find the right fit.

Better Health Advisors is an independent company. We are not affiliated with any organizations or facilities and have no financial incentive to recommend a patient to a particular provider or program. 

 Our Protocol:

  • Get to know the patient so that we understand their particular needs and concerns.
  • Consult with existing providers to understand their preferences.
  • Contact the doctor’s office to assess availability, accessibility, and communication style. 
  • Review the doctor’s background including education, training, fellowship, academic appointments, professional associations, awards, and accomplishments.
  • Check with our network of trusted clinicians for valuable insights on their professional colleagues.
  • Review the doctor’s research and publications in medical journals. 
  • Read reviews of the doctor from previous and current patients to check for concerning trends and/or malpractice suits.
  • Assess the doctor’s expertise to determine if it matches the patient’s needs.
  • Check the doctor’s healthcare system. We often work with major medical centers, accredited institutions, and state-of-the-art teaching hospitals.
  • Check if the doctor accepts the patient’s insurance.
  • Review BHA’s extensive files and notes on specific doctors.
  • Discuss with BHA’s Medical Advisory Board if additional insights are required.

If you need help finding great doctors, a health advisor can simplify the process. A health advisor can also assess how well your health insurance plan meets your needs, have your medical records transferred to your new providers, and more.

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