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The Power of a Professional Health Assessment

Health issues are often interrelated, and this is when an expert perspective is most valuable.

People typically contact a health advisor for help with a specific need. For example, we recently got a call from Sarah* who said that she needed help finding home care for her aging parents, who live in the Boston area.

At Better Health Advisors, we start each client relationship with a clinical assessment of the patient by our multidisciplinary team. Just as a great doctor will consider all aspects of a patient's health, we start by zooming out to see the big picture. In addition to evaluating their overall health, we look at everything from whether their current doctors are a good match for them to whether they have the right health insurance. We often find that a patient’s most pressing health needs are different from the reason they contacted us.

As we evaluated Sarah’s parents, we discovered that in addition to home care, they needed a new psychiatrist, a new geriatrician, in-home physical therapy, and a plan for ER visits. Their physical home environment also required some adjustments. 

Our health advisors have knowledge and experience in various disciplines, and they bring this diverse expertise to their work. We collaborate on a broad approach to care and treatment that answers the following questions:

  • Are all of the patient’s care needs being met?
  • Does the patient have the right doctors to manage their physical and mental health needs?
  • Are wellness and preventive care needs being addressed?
  • Are the patient’s providers communicating in a productive way?
  • Does the patient have adequate health insurance to support their care needs?
  • Is there a plan in place for medical emergencies?
  • How does the patient plan to pay for their anticipated medical care?

These in-depth assessments allow our team to uncover care needs that aren’t being met and take steps to support the patient’s health moving forward.

Clients are often referred to us by their other advisors when they notice an untreated health issue. For example, a wealth advisor referred one of his clients to us because he was coughing a lot and his skin looked unhealthy. The client, Bill*, is 47 and lives in Tampa.

After an extensive evaluation, we identified that Bill has a substance abuse problem and suffers from anxiety. We arranged for him to enter an inpatient treatment program near his home. Before working with us, Bill did not have a primary care physician; instead, he would go to urgent care to address any medical needs.

Once Bill’s anxiety was under control, we encouraged him to see a doctor for a thorough annual exam. As a result of that exam, the doctor diagnosed him with heart disease. Because it was found early, we were able to help him get immediate treatment, which likely prolonged his life. We continue to support him with his substance abuse recovery.

Healthcare needs change over time.

Everyone’s needs change as they age — it’s part of life. Some changes happen slowly, while others happen suddenly and unexpectedly. Better Health Advisors builds an ongoing relationship with clients, so that we can help them manage their current health, make adaptations and adjustments as care needs change, and plan for the future.

Do you or your family need healthcare support? Reach out to an expert health advisor. A health advisor guides you in getting the highest quality health care, whether you need assistance selecting the best insurance plan, finding a concierge doctor, arranging for mental health treatment or substance abuse recovery, or other aspects of the healthcare system.

*For client confidentiality, all names and identifying details have been changed.

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