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What Does a Health Advisor Do? Here's an Example.

Laura’s story shows how Better Health Advisors can benefit clients during every step of their treatment. 

The other day, a potential client asked me, "What does a health advisor do?" I get this question on a regular basis, so I’m sure some of you are wondering the same thing. Better Health Advisors helps people navigate the complexities of the healthcare system, but that’s a very general description of our work. As a health advisor, my job is always changing. Each client has different healthcare needs, including everything from guidance on preventative care to advice on managing specific conditions. To give you a better sense of what we do and how we work, it helps to look at an individual example. Laura’s story shows how Better Health Advisors can benefit clients during every step of their treatment. 

Case Study: Laura’s Cancer 

Laura* is a 69-year-old woman who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. She also has moderate Parkinson’s Disease. Laura was being treated by local doctors in her hometown, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Laura’s daughter, Meredith, traveled from her home in New York City to help her mother. When she spoke with Laura’s doctors at the local hospital, she was unhappy with how they answered her questions. Concerned with the quality of care her mother was receiving, Meredith called Better Health Advisors for help. 

After speaking with Meredith, we reached out to contacts at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and made arrangements for Laura to see a specialist there. Laura’s prognosis was dire. The cancer was deemed inoperable, and she began chemotherapy. 

The family decided to take advantage of Better Health Advisors’ network and services and move Laura to New York. Usually it takes months to see top cancer doctors, but Better Health Advisors arranged for Laura to see top cancer specialists and leading neurologists within a week. These world-class physicians identified discrepancies in Laura's original diagnosis, and changed her treatment plan accordingly. 

Over the course of her treatment, Laura has made several trips to the ER and been hospitalized twice. Better Health Advisors was there navigating her ER and hospital stays, liaising with physicians, and ensuring a safe, smooth transition home when she was discharged.

Recently, we found Laura a top breast surgeon who determined that the modified chemotherapy is working and her cancer is now operable. He believes it can be removed. Laura’s prognosis is now good. 

Better Healthcare Advisors has worked closely with Laura, her family, and her doctors throughout this journey, providing 24-hour support and even making sure she receives everything she is entitled to from her insurance company.

 *All names and identifying information have been changed.

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