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What's in a Health Advisor's Toolbox?

Our multidisciplinary team works together to find creative solutions to health problems.

People hire a health advisor because they want top-quality healthcare, but be sure the firm you choose has the right expertise to support your particular needs. Healthcare is often complicated, and it takes a team to get people great care. 

Just as hospitals have multidisciplinary care teams, some health advisory firms have a team of experts. It’s similar to the way a family office or wealth advisory firm includes investment specialists, tax specialists, estate experts, and philanthropy experts. The team approach is an advantage for clients, because each person on the team brings a different perspective. 

At Better Health Advisors, our team includes doctors, nurse practitioners, social workers, and case managers. Together, we have decades of experience working in varied specialties, including emergency care, mental health, home care, developmental disabilities, substance use, and health insurance coverage. We collaborate to find the best ways to meet each patient’s needs. 

Our toolbox is full of creative solutions.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like in practice:

1. Offering Personalized Mental Health Support

Situation: Dave*, 20, lived at home in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has borderline personality disorder and was feeling suicidal. After repeated suicide attempts, his medical team recommended that he check in to an inpatient medical treatment facility. Dave had previously gone to several inpatient treatment programs, and he didn’t like that style of treatment. He wanted to graduate from college, a massive accomplishment that would help his confidence. 

Solution: As an alternative to inpatient treatment, Better Health Advisors set Dave up with a live-in coach. This coach ensured his safety while working with BHA to support Dave toward the therapeutic goals he set with his treatment team. Dave felt heard, and as a result, he flourished. Dave graduated from college. Eventually, he moved out of the house and into an apartment with the coach. When Dave felt comfortable living on his own, the coach left.

2. Treating a Teen’s Migraines

Situation: Sarah, 15, lived with her parents in Tampa, Florida. She suffered from debilitating migraines and could not go to school or leave the house. She visited countless neurologists, but none of them found a way to manage her migraines. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t get off the couch. 

Solution: With neurology ruled out, BHA recommended an in-patient pain treatment program. Sally spent two months at the center, where she learned to manage and live with her pain. Back at home, she continued therapy with a new medical team and was able to return to school.

3. Helping a Patient Access Medication Abroad

Situation: During the pandemic, Todd’s 86-year-old mother was living in China. When she came down with Covid, Todd was worried. He knew she had several serious medical conditions. At the time, Paxlovid was the preferred treatment, but she needed to take it within three days of her diagnosis — and Paxlovid wasn't available in China.  

Solution: BHA arranged for Todd’s mother to have a telemedicine appointment with a top infectious disease doctor. The doctor wrote a prescription and with the help of Todd’s family office, we quickly helped get the medicine to China. Todd’s mother took the Paxlovid and recovered from Covid.

4. Supporting Recovery After Three Hip Surgeries

Situation: Arthur, 68, had three hip surgeries at a top orthopedic medical center, but afterward, he still had hip pain. He asked BHA to help him find another orthopedic surgeon.

Solution: Instead of a surgeon, BHA connected Arthur with a respected physiatrist. The sports medicine doctor assured Arthur that his surgery had been successful, recommended a physical therapy treatment plan, and encouraged him to do more swimming and less yoga during his recovery. With the physiatrist overseeing his physical therapy, Arthur recovered.

Do you or your family need healthcare support? Reach out and let us know. Whether you need guidance selecting the best health insurance plan, finding a concierge doctor, arranging for mental health treatment or substance abuse recovery, or navigating other aspects of the healthcare system, we can help you find great health care that meets your unique needs.  

*For client confidentiality, all names and identifying details have been changed. 

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