Family Offices

Better Health Advisors believes that great collaborations are key to preserving both wealth and health.

We collaborate with trustee and estate attorneys, business managers, wealth advisors, and others at family offices. We work in unison with your family office team to coordinate your healthcare and make sure you have access to the best doctors and hospitals.

We offer the following services to our family office clients:

  • Comprehensive review and evaluation of the family’s medical care, wellness, and insurance coverage
  • Creation of customized health plans designed to address your family’s current healthcare needs while also anticipating and providing for future needs
  • Support family members with expert point-of-care advice during critical treatments and procedures
  • Identify top doctors and treatment programs that best suit your family’s needs
  • Coordinate and integrate services from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers
  • Solicit second opinions by selecting the right specialists and arranging appointments
  • Collaborate with your family’s existing medical and advisory team to ensure you get the best care while maintaining your privacy

BHA currently serves family offices across the United States, including in New York City, Boston, Greenwich, Palm Beach, Naples, Palo Alto, Santa Barbara, and Austin. If your family office is looking for a health advisor, we encourage you to reach out to BHA for expert insights with the utmost confidentiality.

How we work with single- and multi-family offices

  • Single-family offices typically develop a relationship with us to provide family members with ongoing healthcare guidance and coordination.
  • Some multi-family offices refer individual clients to us when they recognize that the client or a family member may need healthcare support.
  • Multi-family offices that provide higher-level, bespoke service may choose to partner with us directly. This allows us to quickly, seamlessly, and confidentially manage any healthcare issues their clients experience. The family office purchases a block of hours and distributes them to clients as an incentive to prioritize their family’s health. Clients with more involved healthcare needs establish a separate relationship with us when appropriate.