Health Advisory for Individuals

Better Health Advisors works with people of all ages and health conditions.

Whether your goal is to tackle a diagnosis, maintain your good health, or help a loved one get great care, Better Health Advisors can create an actionable plan for you, with you. Our plans are seamless, dynamic, and easy to understand. Let us put your mind at ease. Our services for individuals include:

Navigating the Healthcare System

  • We get you appointments with top doctors—fast
  • We choose the best health insurance plans for your specific health and wellness needs, and so you can maximize your insurance coverage and minimize out-of-pocket costs
  • We understand the intricacies and bureaucracy of your insurance and can help manage claims

Improving Your Healthcare

  • We conduct a comprehensive health assessment that includes your current health, health history, and medical team, and create a plan to help you achieve better health
  • We recommend the right team of doctors for your unique needs
  • We evaluate your doctors’ treatment recommendations and arrange for second opinions when needed
  • We answer your questions in plain English and provide clear explanations of test results and treatment options
  • We communicate with providers to ensure you get the right care and attention in every healthcare environment, including the ER