Finding Treatment for a Struggling Teen

Finding Treatment for a Struggling Teen

Alison, 15, was showing signs of severe depression and an eating disorder. Her father was unsure how to help her, until Better Health Advisors provided treatment guidance and mental health support.


Alison, 15, and her father, Chris, live in Seattle, Washington. Alison was showing signs of severe depression and suffering from an eating disorder. Her father, Chris, was desperate to find help for her, but unsure where to look. The family’s wealth advisor referred him to Better Health Advisors.


Severe depression and eating disorders are both serious illnesses, and they are typically treated separately. The BHA team conducted a national search and found a great program out of state that could treat both illnesses.

We confirmed that the program accepted Alison’s insurance and expedited her admission. Finding a program that accepted her insurance saved the family tens of thousands of dollars and eased their worries about the length of her treatment. Alison was able to stay as long as she needed without putting financial pressure on her family. During Alison’s treatment, we met with her medical team there on a weekly basis to navigate her care for both illnesses.

Chris temporarily relocated to be near Alison, and witnessing his daughter’s struggles took a toll on his mental health. We set him up with an expert medical team, including a psychiatrist to treat his depression and anxiety.


Alison and Chris have returned home and are making great progress. Alison has gained weight, and she is using the coping skills she learned in treatment to overcome her depression. With BHA’s resources and guidance, Chris feels confident in his ability to manage Alison’s care—and his own.

For client confidentiality, all names and identifying details have been changed.